UX/UI Design

User Experience Design (UX) is everywhere you look or perform any action. From apps to opening a boxed gift, the user will remember a great easy to use design or an inconvenient mess, so you have to do research and expect harsh criticism to make a memorable experience. User Interface Design is exactly what it sounds like, but you can't have a user interface without user experience. Ultimately, the mission of the UX/UI Designer is to solve problems with simple easy to use solutions.



I had this idea way before the global pandemic crushed so many service industry jobs. This concept would ultimately replace the server, bartender, or sommelier as an all in one ordering platform that suggests pairings based on the food you've ordered. When you're done eating, you can close your tab on your own time and convenience.


Your Live Peek Into Local Attractions

I built this with the idea that you should be able to see where the crowd is or isn't. There's a local 'barcade' where I live and it's either too crowded to play any games or it's wide open. I want to be able to see how crowded something is in real-time instead of making the commute only to find out that it's too busy to enjoy the arcade. 


One of the problems I noticed with a lot of apps used to make managing your pet's health easy, actually make it harder by not offering everything all in one-stop-shop.