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Josh Liston

Oh, The Places You'll Go...

National Wrasslin' League

I was the social media manager for a local professional wrestling organization in Kansas City creating content and writing provocative posts to stir the pot of an I–70 interstate rivalry between Kansas City and Saint Louis.


As they say, pictures say a thousand words. I try to show a unique perspective with my compositions, editing, and photo manipulation to tell a meaningful and memorable story.

Short Clips

Videos undoubtedly get more attention than a static photo, and it's imperative you capture the viewer's attention in the first few seconds. With the right combo of direction and editing, you'll always hit a home-run with a great short video.

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Graphic Design

Logos, banners, brochures, magazines and all things graphic for print and web. Click below to see examples of work that I've done. 


Your Live Virtual Peek Into Local Attractions

I designed the concept for the app around the idea that you should be able to see inside a business before you choose it for your evening. If it's busier than expected, you had a heads up. The app allows you to search for things to do and then look inside in an interactive 360 virtual reality live-stream.

Do You Remember?

Those fascinating stories from when you were five years old that gave life a meaning through imagination that made you feel infinite and unstoppable... don't have to be just dreams anymore. With the advancement of modern technology, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 


I strive to relight the flame of lost imagination through visual story telling, so that the five year old you would think you are really cool looking. You don't have to let them down anymore; BE INFINITE!

As you'll see, I'm a jack of all trades, master of few. A forever learner with a passion for giving my best, and always trying to be better.


Buy the ticket, take the ride.



Changing the Fine Dining Landscape One Table at a Time


Email: | Tel: 913–787–1710

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